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Home grid Kit 3kW/with Gel storage

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3 kW PV with 12 x 250W panels, Solax 3,7 kW  inverter  IEC-021 compliant, storage with GEL batteries.

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This new kit can feed solar power household appliances in parallel to the grid, resulting in a substantial savings on your bill thanks also to integrated accumulation.

This happens during the day in the following modes:
- During the day: consumption of a part of the self production (= instant savings) and integrated charge accumulation of 2kWh in battery Li-Ion
In addition, the sale to the public network of daytime production surplus, with economic recognition by the GSE (= Revenue income from the exchange on the spot)
- Overnight: use the energy stored during the day for the fridge, lights, TV (= night savings). Upon successful completion of the battery capacity, automatic switching on the public network

In detail, considering a production of 3680 kWh / year from the plant (see table below), you can expect:
- An immediate saving during the day c.a 35% for self-consumption
- An additional saving during the night c.a. 35% with integrated accumulation
- A year revenue from energy sale to public net

Let's see how much energy produces this house:

How to choose the system that is right for me?
The choice provides first knowledge of its electricity consumption, and here come into play concepts such as kW (kilowatts) and kWh (kilowatt hour), which are not always clear: we recommend reading the following page for a better understanding of these quantities and they can then direct you to the correct choice:
""Kilowatt and kilowatt hour: not confondiamoli""

We need to change the equipment that I connect?
you do not need any changes to the systems supplied

How much space will the panels?
Each panel occupies about 1.6 square meters. Therefore 12 panels cover c.a. 19 sq.m.

At night?
Night work equipment powered by batteries, up to a 2kWh night consumption.

How do I switch on the battery?
The change of power from the solar battery to a public network takes place in an automatic way, in the inverter care. The switching is very rapid (c.a. 20 msec) and does not disturb any apparecchatura, although in operation at the time of switching.

The kit consists of the following components, high quality:

No. 12 Waris panels 250W polycrystalline silicon high-efficiency
The panels can be mounted on a balcony, terrace, flat roof, sloping roof, with special optional stands. (See. Below accessories)
No 1
3.7 kW inverter for grid connection Solax + net metering, complete with lithium 2kWh accumulation - expected life 10 years - 5 years warranty - complies CEI-021 standards
-     No. 4 200Ah / 12V batteries Gel with total capacity of 9,6kWh accumulation (you should not use more than 30% of the total storage capacity in order to have a life of 2,000 cycles of the batteries)

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