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Leonardo System 1500



Multi-energy system for self electricity from solar panels or wind generators. Accumulation in battery and automatic switching battery / mains.

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Leonardo System 1500 is a complete integrated system able to manage and control photovoltaic and wind energy.

It accumulates in batteries self-produced energy, thereby generating significant energy and cost savings.

It operates 
as follows: 

- By day, in sunny days, the energy produced by the photovoltaic panels is immediately self-consumed by the connected users, and the excess is stored in batteries for later use. 
- At night, or during days of bad weather, the system uses the energy stored in the batteries. If the energy required is higher than the one stored in batteries, at a certain battery low level, the system gets automatically energy by switching to the network. It ensures power supply continuity. 
- When the public network is in power failure  (blackout), the system automatically switches on batteries, working as UPS. 
The system includes 2 separate entrances for photovoltaic panels and 2 MPPT charge controllers WRM1S model, thereby allowing to always get the maximum energy available from the PV array and maximizing energy savings.
  • n. 2 inputs for photovoltaic panels 
  • n. 2 MPPT charge controllers WRM15 
  • Maximum Power photovoltaic panels: 24V 1kWp 
  • 1 input for wind turbine max 32A 
  • AC Input to Bypass: network, generator
  • Max Continuous Power 1500W/220V the AC 
  • Peak power 20OOW for Losec. 
  • Voltage ext: 230V50HZ Harmonic Distortion <3.0% Efficiency 91% 
  • Battery Voltage 24Vdc 
  • Reload sealed batteries AGM or GEL 
  • Low Battery Protection 
  • Reverse polarity protection Battery 
  • Easy wiring 
  • Optional Battery Box

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