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Solar Eclipse ""T"" stores the excess electricity produced by a 3-phasevPV plant (connected to the public network ) charging batteries to re-use it when needed. CEI-021 certified

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Solar Eclipse is a fully integrated system able to manage and control the energy produced by your 3-phase solar system connected to the grid (also under the incentive systems in ""energy account""). It accumulates in the battery the energy produced as a surplus for later use at night or in case of low solar radiation.
With Solar Eclipse you get a significant energy and cost savings as it allows you to use the energy produced by the PV plant at night, without asking more energy to the grid.
Solar Eclipse is suitable for all photovoltaic systems ""grid -connected"" powered between 1kW and 6 kW.
It works as follows:
- By day, on sunny days, the energy produced by the photovoltaic panels is immediately self-consumed by the connected loads while the excess is stored in batteries for later use.
- At night, or when the weather is bad, the system uses the energy stored in the batteries. If the energy required is greater than that found in batteries or power greater than 1.5 kW, the system will automatically fetch the needed energy from the public network to ensure power continuity  to the electrical devices.
- If there is a power failure of the public network (blackout ), the system will automatically stop as required by current regulations regarding the use of inverters connected directly to the national grid .
Solar Eclipse does not require any modification to the existing wiring, simply connect it to the PV modules on one side and inverter to your ""grid "" on the other.
For installations in an incentive scheme ""Conto Energia"" you must communicate to the ""GSE"" the successful installation of the Solar Eclipse (facsimile of the documentation to be sent to the GSE available on request).
Solar Eclipse will be connected to 4 conventional 12 V batteries with a capacity of at least 100 Ah (up to 300Ah ).