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Solar energy air pump which can oxygenate any pond or water reservoir up to 5000 liters providing the solar panel receives direct sunlight.

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This high-performance pump, powered by solar energy, oxygenates ponds and lakes of medium and large sizes (up to 5000 liters). Oxygen depletion mainly occurs during summer months, when the water gets hotter and its ability to hold the oxygen is reduced. The pump is ideal for providing supplementary oxygen when it is needed the most, as its performance is directly related to the amount and strength of sunlight received. Especially suited for ponds that do not currently have any oxygenating plants. It gets install in minutes without the need for electrical wiring and no operating costs. It works using a solar panel that can be placed on the ground through the picket supplied or mounted on the wall, and the 3-meter long cable, which guarantees maximum flexibility for positioning the panel.
The supply includes:
- Solar panel: 1,1 W, 4,5 V (size 167 x 149 mm).
- Pump: 4-6 V, flow rate 180 l / h (150 x 80 mm)
- The two vents for air, with connecting pipes to the pump 2 m long
- Bag to be filled with weights to prevent the nozzles go back afloat
- Connecting cables
- Spike for solar panel
- User Manual