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Solar Kit 3 lighting points

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3-point solar light kit. Suitable for garden, garage, insulated houses, etc. .. Available in Basic version or Power

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Complete solar kit that contains the necessary to create 3 points of light, ideal for the following uses :
- Cabin , garage, shed , storage , etc. .. are not connected to the mains.
- Summer gazebo where you are staying the night, to dine or converse .
- Wherever you need light for a few hours a day and it is difficult or uneconomic to carry the electric light

Each kit consists of:

- 3 LED bulbs last generation , 5/7/9W of power (see table below) , corresponding respectively to traditional 60/80/100W
The bulbs are powered by 12V cc and they attack the classic Edison E27 ( bulb big - screw into any standard socket )
You can choose your room with cold light (6000K ) or warm light ( 2700K ) with drop-down menu below

- Solar panel mono / polycrystalline power as indicated in the table

- Charge controller, with battery protection is that the download from over charge : according to the models , PRLS R - 5A with dusk sensor programmable , or Steca Solsum 6A (see table below)

- Battery 12V sealed maintenance-free power varies according to the model (see table below)

- Installation instructions

The kits come in 2 versions:

- Basic ( lower autonomy ) , for those who need a few hours / day of power
- Power ( more autonomy ) for those who want a greater number of hours of power

See the features of the kit in the tables below and select the light and the version you want from the drop down below, before the shopping cart

Comparison between the different versions :

- Basic (minore autonomia), per chi necessita di poche ore/giorno di accensione
- Power (maggiore autonomia) per chi desidera un maggior numero di ore di accensione

Vedi le caratteristiche dei kit nelle tabelle qui sotto e seleziona la luce e la versione che desideri dal menu a tendina in alto, a fianco dell'illustrazione

Confronto tra le varie versioni:


Kit Basic
Lampadine Led 3x5W  3x7W 3x9W
Pannello 40W 60W 80W
Batteria 12V 40Ah 65Ah 65Ah
Regolatore 5A 5A 5A
Inverno (ore/giorno) 4h 5h 5h
Estate (ore/giorno) 8h 10h 10h
Uso occasionale 20h 25h 20h
Prezzo (€) IVA esclusa* 188,00 266,00 290,00
Kit Power
Lampadine Led 3x5W 3x7W 3x9W
Pannello 80W 100W 150W
Batteria 12V 65Ah 100Ah 140Ah
Regolatore 5A 10A 10A
Inverno (ore/giorno) 9h 8h 10h
Estate (ore/giorno) 18h 16h 20h
Uso occasionale 36h 40h 40h
Prezzo (€) IVA esclusa* 269,00 390,00 484,00