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Photovoltaic Shelter / Roof KIT - Large - Separate Lighting

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Solar Energy Kit, it illuminates a shelter, a gazebo or a shed, complete of 50W panel, 44Ah battery, regulator with Twilight. 
Optional Light, choose it in according to the needs.

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Solar Energy Kit it illuminate a bus shelter, a gazebo or a shed
The kit does not include light, which can be chosen among the ones listed below as accessories in according to the needs
The kit consists of: 
- 50W Polycrystalline Solar Panel
- PRLS controller unit with adjustable light function and timing 
- Maintenance-free sealed battery 38Ah Ultracell Deep Cycle
Using one of the lights listed below we obtain the following range of nightlights: 
Winter: up to 8h (recommended 6h) - Summer: up to 14h 
Autonomy in case of bad weather: 3 days. 
N.B. If the battery authonomy may be less than the one presented above, you can use lights with higher consumption, selectable in the ""Led and fluorescent bulbs"" section