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Sign Kit 4 FloodLight 10W

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Solar Kit particularly suitable to illuminate double sided signs (enought for sign size approx. double sided 4 x 1.5 m or single sided 8 x 1,5m o 4 x 3 m ) - 4 LED FloodLights 10W - 1000 lumens each

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The New Kit is complete to light-up with solar power a single sided sign (size approx 1,5 m x 4 m) or a double sided sign  (size approx c.a. 2m x 1,5m)
Each LED FLOODLIGHT has a power of 10W.
Thanks to the new ultra bright Epistar LED the KIT generates a luminous intensity of 4000 lumen, equivalent to 4 traditional 100W light bulb in a wide cone of 120 degrees light.
The projectors will be mounted with an arm (not included) - sign oriented.
The kit consists of:
- 4 x 10 W Epistar LED Projector - 1000 Lumen cad
150W Polycrystalline Solar Panel (size 148 x 66,4 x 3,5 cm - Weight 12 Kg )
Support arm to orient the panel, mounted in a sunny location
New unit 10A with light function and timing, adjustable from 1 to 15h
Maintenance-free sealed 100Ah battery 
Operating time by night:
Winter: recommended 6h
Summer: up to 12h
Bad weather: 3 days
N.B. If the winter operating time should be more durable you can provide the Kit with most powerful panel and battery, as needed, with a corresponding increase of price.2