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24/48V switch from solar to mains




Automatic switch from battery to 220V mains, and vice versa. Use It in case of energy storage applied to photovoltaic plants to take energy from the mains only when the batteries are low.

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This switch is an important accessory for photovoltaic power storage battery: it allows to automatically divert the current from the batteries to the ENEL mains when batteries are down.
When the batteries will be recharged or photovoltaic group will have restored its ability to provide current, it will be hunged up automatically.
It specifies that there is not energy fed into the grid. The energy is taken when needed, in the event of battery leakage.

The switching signal is taken from the charge controller, which senses the discharge and charge the battery and attaches and detaches so the coil of the switch, resulting in the deviation of the current draw from batteries or mains Enel.

Technical data:
Rated current (A)24
Voltage Control (V)24 AC/DC
Nr of modules2
Power Dissipation (W)4,8
Isolation VoltageUi (V)500
Rated operational voltage Ue (V)440
Ability to open / close (A)90/72 a 380-400V~ cos φ 0,65
GL fuse for short circuit protection (A)35
Mechanical life1000000
Electrical life
Electrical life 
Minimum capacity main terminals (mmq)1x1
Maximum capacity main terminals (mmq)1x10 o 2x4
Permitted variation in the voltage coilda 85 a 110% Un
Frequency (Hz)50/60
Operating Temperature (C)da -25 a +55
Absorption coil insertion 50/60Hz or DC4VA / 4W
Absorption coil to seal 50/60Hz or DC4VA / 4W
Total time of closing (ms)< 40
Total time of opening (ms)< 40
Minimum capacity coil terminals (mmq)1x1
Maximum capacity coil terminals (mmq)1x4 o 2x2,5

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