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Relay voltage control 12-24Volt



Relay It monitors the battery voltage 12/24 Volt

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Relay. Use it to monitor the minimum voltage of the battery. It has separate potentiometers for alarm thresholds and hysteresis. 
The relay is activated when the measured voltage exceeds the threshold voltage setting and turns off when the measured voltage falls below the value of the threshold alarm
Ideal to monitor photovoltaic battery for the control and switching to the achievement of the minimum threshold voltage of the batteries. 
Technical data:
Rated working voltage 12/24V
Capacity NO-NC 5A (2,5 ind.)
Dielectric voltage insulation 2 kV
Rated input power 1,5 W
Isolation Voltage 250 VCA
Mechanical Life ≥ 30 x 106
Electrical Life ≥ 105 commutations
Operating Frequency ≤ 7200 commutations
Dielectric voltage 2 kVCA
Surge testing 4 kV
Input relay coil Terminalas A1,A2
Range of measurement da 8 a 28 VCC
Power on delay ≤ 200 ms
Thermal drift 
Alarm Delay 
15 min time for warming
∓ 1000 ppm/C
∓ 10% val. impost. ∓ ms
∓ 0,5% of full scale
Reaction time 
Alarm activation delay 
Disattivazionea alarm delay
from -20% to +20%
< 200 ms
< 200 ms
Degree of protection IP 20
Operating Temperature da -20 a 60C, UR < 95%
Temperature storage da -30 a 80C, UR < 95%
Box dimensions 17,5 x 81 x 67,2 mm
Weight 75 g
Certifications EN 60522-6, UL, CSA, CE