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Charge Controller 60A, PWM charging 12/24/48Vdc, graphic LCD display and twilight function

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Regulator for battery charging from PV module to be used in grid systems with PV modules up to 2.8 kW. The WR60 is designed for applications such as power of entire dwellings completely stand -alone power supplies for radio / TV , road signs, etc...
The charging circuit is PWM charging voltage with temperature compensation . The output load can be activated by the user according to numerous programs selezionagli : 24h load on , load switched on only during the day , only at night and on cargo load on only at night for a number of hours from 1 to 16 .
The WR60 detects the day / night depending on the voltage of the panel, so it is not necessary to connect additional sensors to the controller. A recommended option for the parallel connection of up to 5 PV modules is the junction box mod.JBS
Technical data:
- Battery type Pb-AGM/GEL and Pb acid free configurable.
- Tour 12V -24V- 48V
- Reload PWM charging with temperature compensated voltage
- Integrated blocking diode
- Max current from the PV module 60A
- Max power from the PV module 800W @ 12V and 48V 1400W @ @ 24Ve2800W
- Max load current 10A
- Protection of the battery from deep discharge with configurable threshold voltage
- Protection of overload / short circuit
- Protection of the battery polarity reversal
- Housing made ​​of painted steel and aluminum
- Wire 35mmq
- LCD display with display: battery voltage, charge current , load current , energy produced by the power delivered to the load module .
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