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5000W/48V Edison Inverter V3 + controller MPPT 80A 500Voc



5kW pure wave inverter with integrated MPPT charge controller 48V - 80A output, 120-500V input. New version with pull-out display, Bluetooth communication via android App. It can also work without batteries.

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New hybrid 5kW 48V pure wave inverter with 80A MPPT charge controller for photovoltaic panels and high frequency 60A battery charger function.
It can work giving priority to solar energy, in off-grid mode, or in UPS mode giving priority to the electricity grid and intervening in the event of a blackout.
This new version can also work without batteries.

Monitoring and Remote Control

It is possible to monitor the Edison V3 inverter both on site by connecting to the PC (cables supplied) or via the removable display on the front, up to 20 meters away. Also included in the inverter is a Bluetooth interface that allows remote control and programming up to 6-7 meters via the Android app on a smartphone. There is also a USB port for saving data on a stick.

Operation with solar priority and switching to an external energy source

In this model the inverter gives priority to the energy produced by the solar panels, to feed the load. Excess energy produced charges the batteries.
When the sun is not there and the batteries should be scriche, it can switch to an external power source (generator or network)
Thanks to the wide supported voltage range (120-450Vdc with MPPT function) the panels can all be connected in series in a single string, saving time and wiring costs during installation.
Therefore this inverter can only be used when there is a minimum number of panels that, connected in series, exceed 120V (for example 6x24V panels)

Operation OFF-grid mode with batteries

In areas where the national electricity grid is not present, the Edison V3 photovoltaic solar inverter is an excellent solution to build an off-grid photovoltaic plant in a simple and fast way, thanks to the presence of a charge regulator inside it.
In this operating mode it is necessary to connect the batteries to the inverter in order to supply a stable energy to the load and have a stable system.
The inverter has different charge curves for different types of batteries including: OPZS, AGM, GEL and LITHIUM.

Operation in UPS Mode

In the event that there are areas where an unstable power line is present with possible power supply interruptions, the Edison V3, through a specific programming using the keys on the front panel or via computer, is also able to function as a UPS allowing continuity of the service of supplying energy to your loads avoiding unpleasant situations. Switching from the network to the batteries is completely imperceptible, avoiding the annoying problem of switching off loads during their operation.
Furthermore the inverter can be programmed, the input voltage range, to safeguard the loads sensitive to voltage fluctuations coming from the grid.

Operation without battery

The peculiarity of the EDISON V3 solar inverter is that it can also work WITHOUT BATTERIES, but it is necessary that the photovoltaic solar panels and the electricity grid are connected to the inverter.
The reason that both sources of energy supply must be connected to the inverter is because the production of photovoltaic panels may not be sufficient to feed the load or even unstable due to cloudiness and therefore the inverter may continue to feed the load connecting to an external source.

Technical data:
- Rated power: 5000W
- Input voltage: from 120 to 450V - N.B: as mentioned above, a suitable number of panels must be used in series for the inverter to exceed the minimum input voltage of 120V, for example 6 x 24V panels
- Maximum input panel power: 4000W
- Rated output voltage: 48V
- Max output current for batteries charging from solar panels with MPPT controller: 80A
- Max output current for batteries charging from mains: 60A