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12kW Inverter 3-phase 380V sine wave


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Inverter 12kW - 380V for 3phase plants, with automatic switch batteries/mains.
Weight 140 Kg

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Professional three-phase inverter 380V / 50Hz 12kW for isolated users, or switching batteries / network

This line of inverters is the result of 15 years of production of inverters for use off-grid (grid systems) The latest innovations involve the control system and power management, using modules of the fifth generation of Japanese Mitsubishi. The functions of protection and control, are managed intelligently, allowing a more reliable operation and longer life of sfrumento.
The duration of life is considered more than 15 years of continuous work. There are two systems of activation: a variable frequency or voltage increasing, settable through the management software.
Furthermore this inverter is effective feeding devices with inductive load such as water pumps-motors-benches frigo- conditioners.
The applicable load is equal to three times the power output: the 12kw model can power a peak load up to 36 kilowatts.
The output voltage can be adjusted from - 40% to + 20% of the standard voltage.
The DC input voltage can be calibrated to optimize the number of batteries. Even the voltages of detachment and reconnection to the batteries, are adjustable

Technical features:

Pure sine wave. High efficiency: 94%.
Automatic network switch / battery. Stand-alone operation / UPS.
Low consumption without load.

Protections against:
- Reverse polarity input
- Short circuit
- Over current outputs
- Input Overvoltage
- Overheating (forced ventilation)
Temperature from -10 to 55 C
Humidity 0-90%
Noise <40dB
EN60950- EN61000


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