Reduced price! 280W PV Panel Polycrystalline 24V Futura Sun Expand

280W PV Panel Polycrystalline 24V Futura Sun

Futura Sun Futura Sun



Solar panel polycrystalline 280W high efficency. Italian Design. 15 years product warranty + 25 years 87% production warranty. Dim.1650 x 992 x 40 mm, weight Kg. 16.70


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High efficiency polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic module.
Suitable for both photovoltaic systems connected to the electric grid and in systems with accumulators (home kit, office kit, cabins, camper, lighting, industrial uses, etc.), with voltage suitable for charging 24V batteries
Consisting of high efficiency in polycrystalline silicon cells, this module is designed to work in the most difficult environmental and operating conditions.

Product warranty: 15 years
Power warranty: 25 years 87%
IEC 61215, IEC61730, CE
Dimensions 1650 mm x 990 mm x 35 mm
Weight 17.9 kg

The panel is equipped with two cables of about 70 cm in length (one positive and one negative) with two MC4 multicontact connectors. The connectors are used to connect several panels in series with each other and / or to connect the extension connecting the panel with the charge controller. In the latter case, there are two ways:

1) cut the connectors, and connect the remaining piece of cable (if sufficient) directly to the charge regulator, or add another piece of cable of the desired length, by welding.

2) connect another cable with the respective connectors on one of the two ends, in order to obtain a safer, faster connection, which can also be disconnected and reconnected more easily.

Altezza165,00 cm
Larghezza99,00 cm
Profondità3,50 cm
Peso17,70 kg
Potenza Nominale280W
Corrente di corto circuito (Isc)9,84 A
Tensione di circuito aperto (Voc)38,70 V
Tensione al punto di massima potenza (Vmp)31,80 V
Corrente al punto di massima potenza (Imp)9,55 A
Efficienza modulo18 %
NOCT (Nominal operating cell temperature)1000 V
Variazione della tensione con la temperatura (ß)-0,35 %/°C
Temperatura operativa e di mantenimentoda -40 a +85 °C
Tensione massima di sistema1000 V
ConnettoriMC4 compatibili