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Flexible PV Mono Panel 170W Gioco Solutions

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Gioco Solutions Monocrystalline Flexible PV panel 170W G-wire High Efficiency technology Size 1530 x 670 x 1,5 mm - Weight 2,31 Kg

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The new ""Gioco Solutions"" line is Made in Italy.
It is composed of solar panels, flexible, polycrystalline, last generation technology, very durable, sturdy, particularly functional and walkable.
They have a reduced weight to about 1/8 compared to traditional glass panels.
The G-Wire technology allows cells up to 3 times more sensitive to sunlight in situations of partial shade and debris, as well they are more resistant to salt spray and to microcracks. 5 layers Backsheet with aluminum core.
Furthermore, the particular contacting technology and the Full Square high efficiency cells, allow to obtain the highest yield levels in the world.
Technical data:
Power rating170Wp +/- 5%
Open-circuit voltage (Voc)23.40 V
Short-circuit current  (Isc)8,45 A
Voltage at maximum power  (Vmp)20.88 V
Current at maximum power (Imp)8,16 A

1530 x 670 x 1,5 mm

Weight2,31 Kg
Cells efficiency16,62 %

Made in Italy



Altezza153 cm
Larghezza67 cm
Profondità0,15 cm
Peso2,31 kg
Potenza Nominale170W +/- 5%
Corrente di corto circuito (Isc)8,45 A
Tensione di circuito aperto (Voc)23,40 V
Tensione al punto di massima potenza (Vmp)20,88 V
Corrente al punto di massima potenza (Imp)8,16 A
Efficienza modulo16,62 %