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1 kW of PV panels, storage, 3kW inverter, charge controller 60A with display.

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This kit provides free electrical energy from the sun to TV, refrigerator, lights, computer, and other household appliances, independently from the mains supply , resulting in a substantial savings on your bill.

And therefore it's also antiblackout system,  that it protects against the risk of power failure.

If there is electrical provider (Enel or other providers ), it can be used as an emergency power in the event that the batteries are discharged . Switching from battery to the grid automatically.

Let's see how much energy this plant produces:

Estimation of energy produced by photovoltaic plant, nominal power rating 1000W

(**) Considering the 50% tax deductibility of the system

In summary, it can be noted that the savings achievable orientation ranges from about 248 to 310 € / year 

How do I choose the system that is right for me? 
The choice requires first the knowledge of their electricity consumption, and here come into play concepts such as kW (kilowatts) and kWh (kilowatt hour), which are not always clear: we recommend reading the following page for a better understanding of these variables and then be able to direct you to the correct choice: 
Is it necessary to modify the connected equipment? 
There is no need for any modification or accessory added to the equipment supplied: the photovoltaic system is complete of pure sine wave inverter that generates a perfect voltage to 220 VAC, such as common domestic sockets. 
How much space do the panels need?
Each panel occupies about 1.6 square meters., 2-4 panels could be installed on a balcony, otherwise you may classically mount them on a flat or inclined roof, or on the ground (see accessories below).

When the sun is not there? 
At night the work equipment powered by batteries, and in case of bad weather the system has a range of about 2-3 days, depending on consumption: such autonomy may possibly be increased by increasing the capacity and/or the number of batteries and panels. 
If the bad weather continues? 
In the event of bad weather extended beyond the days of autonomy provided, the batteries will run down: in this case the devices can be switched on the mains to be powered by it, without any modification. The devices could be re-powered by solar energy at the end of the period of bad weather. 
How can I switch to the main when the batteries run down? 
The change from solar power system to the mains may occur simply by pulling off the plug from the inverter and connecting in a domestic plug, or automatically by suitable devices (see accessories at the bottom of the page)
The kit consists of the following high quality components: 

- N. 3 x 250W Waris polycrystalline silicon panels with high efficiency - Made in Italy 

The panels can be mounted on a balcony, terrace, flat roof, pitched roof, or pole, with appropriate supports. (see below accessories) 

- No. 2 x Batteries Sealed Enerpower 12V - 210 Ah maintenance free

- No. 1 x 3kW Inverter with automatic battery exchange

- Arrangement - Instructions for use

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