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20A MPPT -12/24V Steca charge controller with display




20A with maximum power point tracker MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking). IT Uploads up to 30% more than conventional PWM charge controllers

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Steca Solarix MPPT 2010 solar charge controller. It has a maximum power point tracker MPPT (Maximum Power Point). 
Compared to traditional charge controllers PWM, it guarantees a battery charge up to 30% higher.
It is compatible with all kind of modules and is suitable for systems in which the PV module voltage is greater than the battery voltage.
Steca Solarix MPPT 2010 Solar can charge 12V batteries with solar modules that have voltage 24V or higher without loss of performance: thanks to Steca algorithm MPP tracking, the maximum power of the module is always available.
Technical data:
- Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPP tracker) 
- Voltage and current adjusting 
- PWM regulation
- Current compensation  and load Switch-off threshold 
- Automatic load reconnection 
- Temperature Compensation 
- Monthly maintenance charge

Operating Characteristics 
- System voltage 12 V (24 V)
- Rated power panels 250 W (500 W)
- Performance Max. > 98%
- Power consumption 10 mA
- Open circuit voltage solar module 17 V ... 100 V (34 V ... 100 V)
- Module current 18 A
- Charging current 20 A
- Output current to the load 10 A
- Ambient temperature -25 C ... +40 C 
- Degree of protection IP 32 
- Size (X x Y x Z) 187 x 153 x 68 mm 
- Weight approx. 900 g 
- Multifunction LED display
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