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MPPT charge controller 30A-12/24/48V Western




Charge controller MPPT 30A-12/24/48V, Made in Italy - increases the charging current up to 30% - display

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MPPT controller 30A -12/24/48V PV charge controller for big OFF-GRID systems, with 2 separate MPPT controllers
It can manage a photovoltaic power up to 1.8 kW. WRM30 is specifically designed for industriai applications such as power supplying of radio/TV bridges, road signs, completely siand-alcne houses.
Thìs model of charge controller irnplements a circuii for searching of maximum panel power (MPPT). Peculiarity of this produci is the presence of two distinct charging channels and, therefore. a dual input for the PVmodules.

This allows the management of two independenl stringa, or thè channels can be easily paralleled thus optimizing thè efficiency.

The output load can be activated according to several programs selected by thè user. It is equipped with an RS485 serial interface through which you can access ali of thè avallatile features. Il is  designed  to  house thè  optional WESTERN GSM/Bluetooth modules for thè management of a data-logger and remote contrai.

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