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Charge regulator Western MPPT WMarine 10A-12/24V




Adjusting MPPT + step-up with display, 10A-12/24V Made in Italy - ideal for panels with voltage <12V

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The WMarine is an MPPT charge controller (*) Made in Italy, particularly suitable for RV and boating, and pointed to the connection of panels with voltage of less than 12V. In fact, thanks to its ""step-up"" that comes with this controller, you can charge 12V batteries with panels with a rated voltage of 5 to 30V.

The charge controller has a built in search of the maximum power of the panel (MPPT) (*): regardless of the voltage of the battery and its charge state of the controller is to always work the PV module at its point of maximum power by maximizing the energy extracted from the module and loaded into the battery, with up to 30% improvement compared to PWM controllers.

The WMarine detects the day / night depending on the voltage of the panel, so no need to connect additional sensors to the controller.
A large screen displays the status of the regulator either through simple and intuitive icons is displaying the value of the charging current , battery voltage , the energy produced by the PV module , the load current and the energy consumed by the load .
Technical Data:
• Charge with MPPT algorithm (*)
• Display 48 symbols
• Automatic detection of battery voltage 12V / 24V
• Wide range of input voltage panel : 5 -30V
• Maximum power panel for 12V battery 120W and 220W for 24V battery
• Suitable for sealed batteries, GEL, acid free and Lithium
• Charge voltage compensated in temperature 
• Integrated blocking diode
• 18 programs for load management
• Low Battery Protection
• Protection against over-temperature
• Reverse polarity protection Battery
• Overload protection on output
• Metal case IP20
• Size 160 x 134 x 49 mm
• Weight 515 g
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