Sale! New Led Bulb M-COB 5W 12V/24V Expand

Led Bulb M-COB 5W 12V/24V


New model 5W M-COB equivalent to a 60W (500/450 lumen) standard bulb - 12V / 24V - Standard bulb E27 Edison socket (Large). Available in both cold light (6000K) and warm light (2700K). Working 12/24V, both DC and AC

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New LED bulb with M-COB (Multi-Chip On Board) technology, ideal in the presence of 12V / 24V systems powered by photovoltaic panels (cabins, campers, etc. ..) it prolongs the battery life thanks to the very low consumption and long life (over 30.000 hours). 
In particular, this model is suitable for 2W lights that do not require a bright light (lamp, lights passing by, closets, etc. ..) thus increasing the battery life 
Consumption: 5W 
Equivalence: 60W traditional bulb 
Angle light scatter: 160  
Color: Cool White (6000 K) or warm white (2700K) to choose more below, with the pop-up menu 
Lumen: 500(cold light) - 450 (warm light) 
Diameter: 55 mm 
Length: 103 mm 
Standard: ROHS / CE
Volt: 10-30V both DC and AC
Standard bulb E27 Edison socket (Large)