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Inverter 3kW Solax X-Hybrid

Azzurro HYD 3000 ES

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Solax Hybrid inverter 3 kW with EPS (anti-blackout) both for battery storage and for grid connection -  IEC-021 standards compliant - works both with lead acid and lithium batteries - EPS included for blackout management

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This hybrid inverter complies with IEC-021 standards, suitable for managing both the build in battery that immisione network of excess current (net metering), in order to increase the share of self-consumption and use the 'photovoltaic energy produced by its own system even at night, thus minimizing the energy bill.
EPS function included, for blackout management

Inside the inverter has an integrated charge 48V batteries - 50 A. This unit is extremely flexible and can be upgraded easily.

  •     Compact design
  •     Increase in the consumption share of up to 80%
  •     Quick and simple installation, as with the more traditional PV inverters, and wall mounting
  •     Maximization of farm consumption through efficient control of charge
  •     E 'can use both batteries AGM GEL lead and lithium batteries LG-Chem or Pylontech
  •     purchasing power is reduced by the grid operator of about 52%, compared to a house with no PV system
  •     Using solar energy at any time of day
  •     Highest efficiency with the conversion and temporary storage of electrical current


Input Data c.c.  
Rated power 3300 Wp
Max Input V (a 1000 W/m2; -10C) 550 V
MPP range 175-530 V
Output data c.a.  
Rated Power 3300 W
Max efficiency 97,6%
Grid voltage / frequency 230 V / 50 Hz
General data  
Dimensions (l x b x h) 658 x 711 x 252 mm
Weight 32 kg
Ambient temperature -20..+50 C
BATTERIES (not included)  
Type AGM, GEL, LiIon, LiFePo4
Nominal Voltage 48V

Warranty: 5 Years

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