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Gioco Solution"" Flexible PV panel 65W


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""Gioco Solution"" Polycristalline Flexible PV panel 65W suitable for boat applications - Size 720 x 680mm - Weight 1,15 Kg

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The new ""Gioco Solutions"" line is Made in Italy.
It is composed of solar panels, flexible, polycrystalline, last generation technology, very durable, sturdy and functional.
They have a reduced weight to about 1/8 compared to traditional glass panels.
Furthermore, the particular contacting technology and the Full Square high efficiency cells, allow to obtain the highest yield levels in the world.
Technical data
Power rating 65Wp +/- 5%
Open-circuit voltage (Voc) 9,40 V
Short-circuit current  (Isc) 9,00 A
Voltage at maximum power  (Vmp) 8,0 V
Current at maximum power (Imp) 8,10 A
Dimensions 720 x 670
Weight 1,15 Kg
Cells efficiency 13,6 %

Made in Italy

N.B. This panel needs an MPPT charge controller with ""step-up"" function to increase the output voltage to 15-16V in order to charge a 12V battery.
Suitable models are Gioco Solutions RegGS12/24V or  Western WMarine 10, available at bottom page, among the accessories


Data sheet
Altezza 72 cm
Larghezza 68 cm
Profondità 0,15 cm
Peso 1,15 kg
Potenza Nominale 65W +/- 5%
Corrente di corto circuito (Isc) 9,00 A
Tensione di circuito aperto (Voc) 9,40 V
Tensione al punto di massima potenza (Vmp) 8,0 V
Corrente al punto di massima potenza (Imp) 8,10 A
Efficienza modulo 13,6 %

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