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CBE Battery Duo System Deviator


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Intelligent device with microprocessor which optimizes the battery cherge/discharge of 2 batteries 12V

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The DUO- BATTERY SYSTEM is an electronic device that can intelligently manage two batteries of service, during the chargng phase (with alternator, battery chargers and PV modules) and during during the discharge.
The connection of this device allows you to have the following advantages:
  • charging two batteries to 100% in up a separate and alternating way
  • discharge two batteries separately and alternating
  • connecting two batteries different for capacity and ages
  • single battery functionality check. In case of battery failure, the system isolates it and segna lates with a yellow led signal (on BDS-150)
  • ""Save battery"" function (when the security battery voltage is reached, the system      disconnects  in order to avoid the consequent irreversible damage)
  • Possibility to electrically disconnect both battery service using the switch located on the unit or via a remote switch (useful in case of prolonged non-use periods)
  • Management of high currents (charge and discharge) up to a maximum of 70A with cues 300A for each battery
  • Users connectable up to 140A of total consumption
  • You can connect an operator panel (MC -DUO) to choose automatic or manual operation of the equipment.
Dimensions (mm ): 150 x 125 h45
Color: black

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