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CBE Battery Duo System remote control


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Remote control for CBE Battery Duo System, intelligent device with microprocessor which optimizes the battery cherge of 2 batteries 12V.

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Control panel for BDS-150

Remote control panel for the selection of the type of operation:

MANUAL: User can choose which battery use, in the charge mode and in the discharge mode phase.

AUTOMATIC: the service batteries are charged or discharged automatically using  specific ""BDS-150"" logic program. 

The panel offers LEDs displaying battery level. it adviseswith adedicated led in case of battery failure. The package is completed with a connecting cable to join the ""BDS"" L =6 m frame ""MAC1P.""  The panel can be matched with ""MODULAR PLATES."" Built-in version, size 60 x 60 mm.

Model Code Colo
MC-DUO/G 215250 Gray RAL7015
MC-DUO/M 215251 Brown RAL8016


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