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Home Solar Systems 

In this section you can find many solutions of photovoltaic solar system to supply the electric utilities in the home with solar energy, in office or in the company, such as lights, TV, fridge, PC, printer, appliances, etc ...

Below  you can find the categories where choose the system that is right for you:

1. The "classic" photovoltaics system for home, connected to the network and can take advantage of on-site exchange.

2. Photovoltaic system with accumulation that entering the surplus on network, taking advantage of on-sit exchange.

3. Photovoltaic stand alone system with accumulation, means indipendent from electric grid: they use for their needs, day and night, all the energy produced by the panels

Whatever will be the solution, it will be possible to supply solar energy to domestic users by reducing the electricity bill and thus obtaining considerable savings. We are naturally available to create customized solutions, provide clarifications and free advice.

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